Domains Finder

What is the need for K9 domain finder?

Subdomains allow website users to access different sections. There can be multiple subdomains under the main domain. Most websites have subdomains for different sections (blogs, email, admin panels, etc.). You could be vulnerable to new attacks on each subdomain. To find all the subdomains of a domain, you can use the K9 subdomain finder tool. In order to detect the subdomains for a given domain name, you simply need to type that domain name. When you use manual methods, obtaining subdomain information takes up valuable resources, preventing you from completing your time-limited projects.

How does it work?

An enumeration tool for subdomains is a tool that helps you discover subdomain hosts that serve particular functions. Finding subdomains opens up new attack avenues for attackers. Security tests and system consolidation may be routinely performed on your secure application. Nonetheless, these vulnerabilities are irrelevant if your application and database are connected to another application. It is said that a weak link is always as dangerous as a strong one.

Based on K9 Li's findings, you'll learn:

  • A description of the software on the web server as well as the web platform it runs
  • An HTTP server link is included in the subdomain name
  • Contains IP addresses and subdomains discovered
  • Information about WHOIS, netnames, and countries is provided

Ready for your first scan?

K9Secure have 100% read-only option, When selected it will not cause any changes to your web-servers