SQL Injection Scanner

How does SQL injection (SQLi) work?

SQL injection occurs when an attacker interferes with queries made to a database by an application. Attackers are usually able to see data they would not otherwise be able to access. In addition, the application might be able to access data belonging to other users if it has access to the data itself. The application's behavior can be adversely affected for a long time if this data is altered or deleted by an attacker. Malicious individuals can exploit SQL injection attacks to compromise underlying web servers, and backend infrastructure, or escalate the level of service they provide.

An SQL injection attack can result in what consequences?

Passwords, credit card details, or personal user information can be accessed by unauthorized parties through a successful SQL injection attack. SQL injection attacks have been responsible for a number of notable data breaches over the last few years, which have resulted in reputational damage and legal fines. There are situations where an attacker can establish a persistent backdoor into a company's systems, resulting in the compromise of a company's systems for a long period of time without the company being aware of it.

Here are some examples of SQL injections :

There are many circumstances in which SQL injection vulnerabilities, attacks, and techniques can be exploited. The following are some common examples of SQL injection:

  • Adding more results to an SQL query by retrieving hidden data.
  • Changing a query in order to interfere with application logic, or subverting application logic.
  • Data can be retrieved from different databases with UNION attacks.
  • By inspecting the database, you can find out its version and structure.
  • Trojans can be downloaded and installed on the server by executing malicious commands
  • A remote attacker may be able to access valuable data, such as credit card details, emails, and passwords, by exporting this information.
  • Information about user logins, etc.

The purpose of SQL injection scanner

As a SaaS-based service provider, we enable enterprises to embed security throughout each stage of the development process. When you use the K9 secure solution, you can resolve security flaws and vulnerabilities early in the development process, when they are easy to fix. You can improve the security of your application from SQL injection attacks by identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities before malicious hackers exploit them. With this SQL injection scanner, you can easily test your web applications for SQL injection and find flaws faster. With this SQL Injection Scanner, we can test the security of your website on a comprehensive basis. It is possible to assess your target web applications for SQL injection vulnerabilities to discover critical vulnerabilities that could have a significant impact on your business.

There is no learning curve with this online tool, and its interface is easy to navigate.

With SQL Injection Scanner, a URL is scanned in a short amount of time, allowing it to identify web application vulnerabilities. It does this by determining if the target URL parameters are susceptible to SQL Injection, and identifying malicious pages that could negatively impact the site.

Here's how the SQL injection scanner technology at K9 Secure works.

All your web applications can be tracked, secured, and monitored with an all-in-one solution such as K9 Secure SQL injection scanner. This lightweight scan used for this cloud-based service pinpoints your greatest risks and identifies critical vulnerabilities. To systematically reduce risk and constantly monitor your security posture, it can also perform authenticated scans on critical applications. During the process, Input fields of the target website can be filled with special characters and website behavior can be monitored using the tool. In the event the website finds database errors, this may indicate an SQL injection attack. In order to validate the vulnerability found, the SQL Injection scanner attempts to construct a syntactically correct SQL query that demonstrates the injection was successful.

This SQL Injection scanner detects vulnerabilities rather than trying to exploit them in order to impact your backend database. In addition to providing detailed information about your exposure to risks, our online tool will also provide detailed recommendations for correcting the problem.

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