Network Vulnerability Scanner

How does Network Vulnerability Scanner work?

In scanning networks for vulnerabilities, hackers identify weaknesses on computers, networks, or other IT assets that can be exploited. When you scan your environment for vulnerabilities, you get an insight into your current risk situation, level of security, and possibilities for improving your defenses through resolving vulnerabilities.

Creating a more proactive security program often starts with obtaining and deploying a network vulnerability scanner. Defending against modern attackers requires more than building high walls and waiting for an attack. A modern security program's vulnerability must be identified and closed up in order to prevent hackers from exploiting it. The vulnerability scanner will help you quickly assess your network for vulnerabilities, assist you in prioritizing and fixing flaws, and provide you an evaluation of the effectiveness of your security team.

What is the purpose of Network vulnerability scanners?

The purpose of a network vulnerability scanner is to scan your entire IT infrastructure for areas where vulnerabilities may exist. It is recommended that a scan include the following features:

  • Schedule scans without affecting network performance or availability
  • Cloud-based and container assets are supported with this adaptability and scalability
  • An exhaustive list of known vulnerabilities and configurations is used to perform comprehensive scanning
  • Analyzing your environment's biggest threats
  • Remediation of vulnerabilities and regular reporting on progress based on prioritization and risk analysis

Efficient and accurate work are essential!

Regardless of whether a company deals with PCI situations or not, any vulnerability scanner should be capable of scanning every company's network intelligently. Thus, the network vulnerability scanner you choose must be highly accurate, testing for vulnerabilities against all major software and operating systems.

Most commercial network vulnerability scanners are constantly updating their vulnerability checks; the success of a program is often determined by the action that follows. In order to ensure maximum productivity, your team needs to understand how to prioritize thousands of vulnerabilities across multiple types of devices. Network vulnerability scanners should send the appropriate information to the appropriate section, and they should be able to quickly display remediation steps to the appropriate individuals, along with executive level reporting that shows how your company is improving its security over time.

Ready for your first scan?

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