Joomla Vulnerability Scanner

Joomla Vulnerability scanner

Content management system Joomla is popular among open-source developers. Especially because of its popularity and wide range of extensions, Joomla is a popular target for attackers. In order to maintain a Joomla-based website, Joomla Security Testing is essential. By conducting K9 Joomla security scans, you will be able to find security issues, errors in configuration, and low-quality links that need to be addressed in order to reduce vulnerabilities. In addition to automated scripts, more targeted attackers probe and attack software that is sufficiently popular. The developers of a website probably do some mistakes in the code when they are creating it, whether knowingly or unknowingly. There is a vulnerability that hackers can exploit and access website data.

Joomla Vulnerability scanner to secure your website

From XSS and SQL injection discovery to resolution, this feature-rich product is designed to be fast and easy to use. The Joomla vulnerability scanner checks older versions of the CMS and alerts you to vulnerable extensions, in addition to checking for the latest vulnerabilities.

It can scan Joomla for vulnerabilities in the following ways:

  • Text & HTML reporting
  • Firewall detection for web applications
  • Investigating Joomla's known vulnerabilities
  • Scanner or SVN capability for immediate updates

Ready for your first scan?

K9Secure have 100% read-only option, When selected it will not cause any changes to your web-servers