Information Spider

Information spider - what is it and what does it do?

The spider automatically discovers new resources on a site (URLs) by using the search engine. Spiders are started from seeds, which are URLs to visit that are specified by how they are started. The idea of gathering information about a target domain is vital to the success of any penetration testing. In addition to collecting subdomains, unique URLs, URLs with parameters, and email addresses of target domains, it is also necessary to collect their subdomains. In order to collect this information, we created a spider that collects information.

Using this spider-based tool, you can spider web-based applications and gather a lot of information about them. When performing an initial vulnerability assessment of a web-based application, this tool can be used.

What are the features of the Information Spider Tool?

  • A subdomain, dynamic URL, email, and phone number are all gathered.
  • Vulnerability detection is performed using a special service.
  • Results are stored in sorted text files.
  • Python is the language used in its development.

In the Spider Options screen, you can configure how parameter handling is handled when checking if an URL was previously visited. In order for the Spider to behave in regard to cookies, it is important to understand how it starts and which options are enabled.

Ready for your first scan?

K9Secure have 100% read-only option, When selected it will not cause any changes to your web-servers